Get the right information before you start

Print this handy form, fill it out, and keep it around to make sure you know all of the vital information regarding your workplace and your role.

Your union can help you answer all these questions, but if you aren’t in a union, you’re on your own.

Contact HACSUassist on 1300 880 032 for more information about your rights at work and your conditions of employment.

HACSUassist offers support and guidance for HACSU members and all calls are confidential.

Do I know...

  The full legal name of my employer Y N
  The name of my manager/supervisor Y N
  My job title Y N
  What work I am required to perform Y N
  The name of the award or agreement covering my employment Y N
  How the National Employment Standards (NES) apply to me Y N
  The details of the union that covers my workplace Y N
  If there is a union delegate Y N
  If there is a Health & Safety Representative (HSR) Y N
Have I... Y N
  Completed a tax file number declaration form Y N
  Signed a letter of employment or agreement Y N
   Received a copy of the letter of employment or agreement Y N
   Received a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement Y N
Do I know if I am... Y N
   Full-time, part-time or casual Y N
   Permanent or temporary Y N
   Working a trial period Y N
   Being paid for the trial period Y N
   On probation and when the probation period ends Y N
   Paid to attend meetings Y N
   Paid for training Y N
   An apprentice or trainee Y N
   Under a registered training contract Y N
   Being paid superannuation Y N
   Paid to get to work early or stay late outside of my official shift hours Y N
   Required to pay for accidents or insurance when driving a car provided by my employer Y N
   Required to pay when customers leave without paying, the cash register is short of money or I accidentally break something Y N
Do I... Y N
   Wear a uniform Y N
   Pay for the uniform Y N
   Wash the uniform Y N
   Receive a uniform or laundry allowance Y N
   Supply my own tools Y N
   Receive a tools allowance Y N
   Receive a pay slip for every payment received Y N
Do my pay slips include... Y N
   My name Y N
   My employer's name Y N
   My employer's ABN Y N
   My pay period start date, end date and payment date Y N
   My rate of pay Y N
   Any loadings and/or penalties Y N
   Any payment for overtime Y N
   Any deductions I ahve agreed to Y N
   Total net and gross amounts Y N
   Any superannuation contributions and name of superannuation fund Y N
Do I know my... Y N
   Hourly rate of pay before tax Y N
   Casual loading (if applicable) Y N
   Pay cycle (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) Y N
   Payment method (cash, cheque, deposit to my bank account) Y N
   Start and finish times Y N
   Minimum hours of work each week Y N
   Rostered days and hours Y N
   Meal and break times Y N
Do I know what to do if... Y N
   I am sick and need time off Y N
   I want to go on holidays Y N
   I am called to do jury service Y N
   I am hurt or injured at work Y N
   I want to make a complaint about discrimination, bullying or harassment Y N
   I want to take parental leave Y N
   I want to take community service leave Y N
   I want to take compassionate leave Y N
   I want to leave my employment Y N
   I am dismissed Y N

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