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Who We Are

HACSU is one of Tasmania's largest and oldest unions, established in 1911, representing more than 10500 members employed across the health and community services industries.

Our members are employed at more than 500 worksites across the state.

HACSU's main aim is to improve the working lives of members by negotiating improvements in wages and conditions and protecting workers' rights.

We encourage members to have a genuine voice in their workplace and exercise real control of issues that affect their working lives.

Members' experience shows that many issues can only be satisfactorily resolved when members themselves come together as a group to support each other. This involvement of members working together is helped through the election of worksite representatives, such as delegates, committees and Sub-branch executives.

Get To Know HACSU

HACSU Tasmania has more than 100 years of history representing members' interests. The union we now know as HACSU was first registered nationally on 12 April 1911 (federation of the nation had occurred in 1901). The Conciliation and Arbitration Act of 1904 arose out of a desire to bring federal control over industrial disputes that occurred across state boundaries. The desire stemmed from the shearers' & seamen's strike prior to 1900, a key factor itself in bringing about Federation. The first nationally registered name of the union was The Hospital and Asylum Attendants Employees Union of Australia.
We campaign to ensure our Members are accorded dignity, respect and fairness in all walks of life. We organise to achieve fairer, safer, more democratic workplaces. We build our strength by investing in our Members' full and active participation. We equip our Members with skills and experience so they may better contribute to the pursuit of a more just society. We strive to advance the health and well being of our community.
HACSU is governed by a set of national rules that are registered with Fair Work Commission and can only be changed by the National Council of the HSU. HACSU is governed by a set of national rules for the Health Services Union. These rules apply to all branches of the union in Australia. The rules are registered with Fair Work Commission and can only be changed by the National Council of the union. The rules cover matters such as defining areas of membership coverage, responsibilities of office bearers, and the objectives of the union. The role and function of various union bodies such as National Council, National Executive and Branch Committee of Management are also spelled out in the rules. The rules also determine how and when elections are held for all the officers and officials of the union. You can read our rules on the Fair Work Commission website.