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Here's how HACSU is governed

Here's how HACSU is governed

HACSU Tasmania is overseen by a Committee of Management, who are HACSU Members elected by the union membership every four years.

The HACSU Committee of Management is the body responsible overall for the management and control of the affairs of the union. The roles and function of the management committee are determined by the rules of the union.

All members of the management committee are elected by the HACSU membership every four years. It consists of seven union officers and eight ordinary members of the Branch Committee.

The seven officers of the union on the management committee are the President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Senior Vice-President, Junior Vice-President and two Trustees.

The Committee of Management meets at least five times a year.

From time to time it establishes sub-committees around specific projects or issues.

HACSU members on the Executive Committee of the management committee meet every month to examine in detail the financial accounts of the union and to scrutinise every item of expenditure made during the month to ensure members’ funds are spent in members’ best interests. The Executive Committee consists of members like you, who work in the industry and who are committed to ensuring HACSU remains a well-run and accountable union.

The overall management committee also scrutinises, reviews and approves expenditure.

Committee of Management

Our Committee of Management for the 2018-2022 term:

Tim Jacobson:
State Secretary, HACSU

Lucas Digney: Assistant Secretary, HACSU

Judy Richmond: President, Mersey Community Hospital (After Hours Co-ordinator)

Chris Webb: Senior Vice-President, HACSU (Holiday Home Officer)

Pru Peschar: Junior Vice-President, DHHS - Community Health (Social Worker)

Leigh Gorringe: Trustee, Oral Health Services (Dental Therapist)

Peter Moore: Trustee, Disability Services - NW (Service Co-ordinator)

Pam Brock: Member, Strathdevon - NW (Extended Care Assistant)

Andrew Challis: Member, Umina Park (Enrolled Nurse)

Mike Coombs: Member, Royal Hobart Hospital (Radiographer)

Melissa Bibe: Member, Launceston General Hospital (Hospital Aide)

Christine Hansson: Member, The Hobart Private Hospital (Registered Nurse)

Marlene McHenry: Member, Beaconsfield District Health Service (Domestic)

Carolyn Shearer: Member, Oak Enterprises (Disability Service Worker)

David Thomas: Member, Ambulance Tasmania (Paramedic)

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Financial statements

You can download the HACSU 2020-2021 Financial Statements here.

You can download the HACSU 2020-2021 Officer and Related Party Disclosure Statement here.


HACSU is a Union affiliate of Unions Tasmania. Unions Tasmania is the peak body for the union movement in Tasmania, representing over fifty thousand members of affiliate unions.

Rules and policies

HACSU is governed by a set of national rules that are registered with Fair Work Commission and can only be changed by the National Council of the HSU.

HACSU is governed by a set of national rules for the Health Services Union. These rules apply to all branches of the union in Australia. The rules are registered with Fair Work Commission and can only be changed by the National Council of the union. The rules cover matters such as defining areas of membership coverage, responsibilities of office bearers, and the objectives of the union. The role and function of various union bodies such as National Council, National Executive and Branch Committee of Management are also spelled out in the rules. The rules also determine how and when elections are held for all the officers and officials of the union. 

You can read our rules on the Fair Work Commission website.


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