Yaraandoo kitchen hours

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April 26, 2021
Aged Care Sector

SCC leaves the place in a shambles.

We wrote to your CEO Robyn Boyd recently to point out the knock-on effect for all staff at Yaraandoo due to the loss of 150 hours a week in the kitchen.

We told Robyn that such dramatic cuts have not only compromised resident care, but they have also caused unmanageable workloads for workers – floor staff now have to pick up the slack because kitchen staff no longer have time.

This has left the place in a complete shambles, with Southern Cross Care now in breach of the workload clause in your workplace agreement.

You would think that Southern Cross Care would have learnt from their past mistakes that have made headlines for their failings with accreditation, but apparently not.

You can read the letter we sent to Robyn Boyd here.

Let’s hope management come to their senses and return the hours they cut, so that you can do the jobs that you are passionate about and were employed to do– caring for the residents.

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Aged Care Sector