Union win: CRU win their leave back

Posted on
May 3, 2023
Public Sector

Together we won back leave

After you kicked off your industrial action yesterday, management gave in and returned annual leave to union members at CRU from the Christmas closedown period. There’s no doubt that this win is because of workers demanding better.

Some of your colleagues were able to tell that they’d been recredited by using the leave calculator function on ESS, however, management still left many of you in the dark about the recrediting. Now, because of your willingness to act, we’ve been able to get direct evidence out of the Department to prove your leave has been given back.

It took weeks of asking, writing to HR and even starting industrial action, but you’ve proven through it all that when you’re willing to stand up and advocate for your rights you can get what you’re owed – and what you deserve.

Your balance on ESS should update properly next Wednesday when you get paid, but if you look at your leave history it should now show ‘no booking’ for the Christmas closedown period.

Congratulations on winning your leave back – it really shows the power you have in your workplace when you stick together.

If you’ve got any questions in the meantime, or have any issues with your leave, please make sure you get in touch!

For more information about this or any other industrial matter, members should contact HACSUassist on 1300 880 032 or email assist@hacsu.org.au or complete our online contact form

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