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August 6, 2020
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Where are we at?

Members will recall the CEO at OneCare, Peter Williams, recently made some workplace commitments after attending a meeting with staff at Umina Park.

We wrote to OneCare’s HR Manager, Natalie Neilson, to give us an update to pass on to staff seeing as it’d been awhile since we’d heard how these were progressing.

Here’s her response:

1. Add an additional 4 hours (ECA) on Am Shift for the Lodge (7-11 or 8-12) – ACTIONED

- This can be added to the roster immediately 

2. Complete an equipment audit – ACTIONED

- This will determine what equipment is needed, we can then purchase as necessary

- Standing hoists, slings, pulse oximeters, slide sheets etc

- This is to be completed by end of June and a report provided back to me on what is needed 

3. Blood pressure monitor – ACTIONED

- Approval has been given for 6 new machines, this has been now been signed off and sent back to the facility to action 

4. Develop a clear process for when work hours can be extended/reduced based on occupancy

- CFO is working on this process, to be completed end of June

- Once complete this process will be shared with each Facility manager so they can act immediately as required

- Occupancy at Umina Park is a focus and with the additional residents coming in, work hours will increase accordingly 

5. Improve ACFI coordination function - UNDERWAY : Statewide ACFI Coordinator visited Umina last week

- To include gathering information directly from ECAs on the floor about changes to resident care needs etc

- ACFI statewide Coordinator to work with UP ACFI Team to improve this process 

6. Environmental redesign – ACTIONED : only West Grove to be completed now and the paper towel dispensers for this house have been ordered

- Internal audit identified things like holders for paper towel, gloves etc in resident areas is required as staff travel significant distances for these items which impacts on time

- This will be actioned over the coming weeks

Natalie has said the CFO is still looking into point 4 and she will update when more information comes to light.

If you believe that some of the actioned items may still be ongoing or incomplete, please tell us so we can let HR know.

For more information about this or any other industrial matter, members should contact HACSUassist on 1300 880 032 or email or complete our online contact form

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