UAW booster deadline extended

Posted on
February 15, 2022
Aged Care Sector

We’ve made them agree to move the date

After a lot of back and forth around UAW’s booster deadline, we’ve made them agree to move the date to 1 March.

We told them the arbitrary date they’d decided to put in place left some people in a real pickle.

They hadn’t considered how things like waiting periods, booking availability and illness had meant some people wouldn’t be able to get boosted by their deadline.

They initially weren’t having a bar of it but finally made this last-minute change for Tasmania specifically after we repeatedly reasoned with them.

Given that the federal government announced last night they’ll mandate boosters for aged care, this change in timeline should bring UAW more in line with other employers and give you some more time to get boosted - without receiving too many more messages telling you to do so.

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Aged Care Sector