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April 26, 2022
Aged Care Sector

and the lie about the vote.

While Uniting AgeWell are trying to cut wages by getting rid of paid breaks, we’ve been wondering where your aged care retention bonuses might have got to at UAW. After all, next week marks the second qualifying date – with those employed on 28 April eligible for payment.

UAW have told us that while it might not be here just yet, they are expecting to have the green light in a fortnight -here’s what they said:

“I can confirm that applications have been made for these payment and as soon as the funding is available it will be paid to our employees. There was a delay of several weeks caused by the Grants team which has impacted on finalising the first payment application. It is likely (based on current advice from the Department about average timelines) that this will be approved in the next fortnight, enabling us to make the payments.”

We’ll be holding them to make sure a fortnight doesn’t become a month or two.

On the vote, we’ve heard some UAW managers have been saying that even if a NO vote succeeds, you will lose breaks no matter what. This is a lie and a scare tactic designed to intimidate you. Voting NO keeps the entitlement in your agreement.

When we get to bargaining for your new agreement, we will be fighting to expand the entitlement, while UAW will want to limit it. But they can’t just get rid of it, as much as they might like to. When bargaining comes you will have to vote on any proposed changes and, unlike now where they have paid lawyers to try to exploit loopholes, you will be able to take action together.

Much like what workers did at Southern Cross Care, you can take industrial action as part of negotiations. We can turn the pressure up to 11 and take your fight public. UAW don’t want that. They want you to sign it away today, so they don’t have to deal with your action in the future. So, Vote NO and fight to protect your rights and conditions!

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call us.

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