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Posted on
November 30, 2021
Public Sector

Health prepares to sack unvaccinated health workers

You have likely received further advice today about the vaccination order that included information about how to register your vaccination status and, more importantly, it outlines what the government intends to do with workers who have not complied with the order.

The long and short of the advice is that if you are not compliant with the mandatory vaccination order as of 12am on Sunday 31 October, you will be stood down without pay and your employment will be terminated.

Whilst the order has been in place for some time, it’s disappointing that with less than 11 days to go, the government has come out with only a big stick and with no clear information as to what contingency plans may be in place if there are still a measurable number of workers who are not compliant with the order. What is the plan if 5% or 10% of the workforce is unavailable to work?

Health workers, and the community, deserve to know what the plan is.

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