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November 25, 2020
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More staff for district and regional hospitals

Yesterday the Secretary of the Department of Health wrote to us to say the safe staffing model for district hospitals will finally be funded – well, for 12 months at least.

A fair while ago we came up with a safe staffing model with the THS that we all agreed on but when it was sent off for approval someone decided it wasn’t a good idea and, instead of telling us what they needed to see, they just said it wouldn’t be approved.

This meant that by their own measure some district hospitals were not safely staffed when all beds were occupied, which isn’t uncommon.

We raised this significant safety issue at every level, including with the Secretary, and thankfully sensible heads have prevailed and the staffing model will be funded for 12 months at least, during which time the THS and unions will review the model.

We’ll be advocating very strongly that whatever happens with this model, no district hospital in Tasmania should have unsafe staffing levels.

This is a great win for workers and for regional and rural communities!

We’ll have some further information about the model for each hospital soon, so keep an eye out for the next update.

For more information about this or any other industrial matter, members should contact HACSUassist on 1300 880 032 or email or complete our online contact form

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