The Mersey and the new COVID case

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August 12, 2020
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Action needed now.

Yesterday’s report of a new confirmed COVID-19 case at the NWRH was not the kind of news anyone wanted to hear and, given recent history, we all hoped it would be a long time until we had another case in the north west.

However, this time around we know what we're dealing with and have been pushing to make the changes necessary to support front-line health workers, learning from last time to better prepare for any future case.

We know the hospital has been redoubling strictures around infection control and other procedures in recent days, but we also know there are many questions around the detail of the case and the impact this news may have on members.

Our Assistant State Secretary Robbie Moore has travelled up today to make sure he's on hand to assist and we'll be speaking to the media about the importance of supporting fully operational health services across the north west health system and in particular addressing the Mersey’s current reduced admission hours.

While the spotlight is on the NWRH we know how vital the Mersey has been during the pandemic.

During the outbreak it was front and centre, with many staff relocating to help Burnie or dealing with the COVID-19 cases the Mersey later experienced, but with the Mersey still running on limited ED capacity it’s vital the government act to strengthen services for the benefit of both hospitals and the community across the coast.

In May the Health Minister said it was looking to reopen the Mersey to 24 hours as soon as possible, and with the new case this must be addressed urgently.

As always, if anyone has questions please call us.

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