Tandara Lodge: RN bonus is on the way

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April 26, 2023
Aged Care Sector

We'll keep you updated about when it comes

For RNs, the announcement last year that the Australian Government had decided to give aged care registered nurses a payment to reward clinical skills and leadership (to those that have worked for the same aged care employer for 6 or 12 months) was welcome news.

But that was last year – now we’ve got some good news to share: the RN retention bonus is on the way for Tandara Lodge RNs!

As you might know, employers were responsible for applying for this grant on behalf of eligible RNs and for passing on the full payment ASAP after receiving it.

I checked in with Paul recently to make sure Tandara had applied for those RNs that were eligible and we got this update from him:

“We did apply the day it opened, and I finally received the offer on Monday this week. I sent the signed agreement back and have had confirmed this morning that the agreement has been executed by the Government.

I am not sure when we will receive the fund but hopefully it will not be not too far away. Once received we will distribute it to the RNs.”

We’ll keep you updated once we hear that Tandara have received the grant from the government to pay to their eligible RNs, and we’ll make sure we stay on top of them about this issue in the meantime.

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