Support Dakota Wolf

Posted on
May 16, 2022

He's supporting you.

You might have known from the email on 2 May that Dakota Wolf is riding his horse, Coda, from Latrobe to Hobart in support of Tasmanian paramedics. Dakota is effectively camping in paddocks as he goes throughout this 10-day journey to Hobart, and he made it to Campbelltown last night and is expected to arrive in Hobart around midday Wednesday.

Dakota is trying to raise awareness for mental health in the Ambulance service and is asking you to write a letter to the Premier and tell a story of your experiences with mental health struggles that you may have encountered or observed during your time in the service. If you’d like to support Dakota’s initiative, you can give your letter to Dakota in person or send it to me via email and I'll print them and hand them to him.

You can see Dakota’s draft itinerary and visit the Facebook page for Saddle Up For Life.

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