Southern Cross Care mess

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July 22, 2021
Aged Care Sector

CEO needs to fix it or resign.

You may have seen us on the news last night talking about staffing cuts at SCC with a resident from Yaraandoo.

After SCC cut staffing to the bone across the state, they decided to cut more at Yaraandoo earlier this year – with 150 hours gone from the kitchen. We told the CEO and the aged care regulator immediately that this would harm residents but they ignored us, and now the facility is near breaking point.

It’s unprecedented for residents to come out publicly and call on the CEO to resign, but the CEO has left them no other choice.

We know this CEO always blames others.

If there aren’t enough staff rostered on, it’s the staff’s fault.

If we hold them to account in the media or with the regulator, it’s the union’s fault.

But publicly blaming what she claims as a ‘small group of residents’ - in effect calling them liars - is a new low.

We support Southern Cross Care residents and their calls for change.

If the CEO can’t fix it, she needs to resign.

They can't cut rosters, pay and conditions and assume workers will be there to pick up the pieces. It's time to stop blaming others and sort out the mess themselves.

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