Social media and work

Posted on
June 16, 2020
Public Sector

Posts can be viewed as misconduct.

An employer can use what staff post on social media as evidence in disciplinary proceedings, so there are a few things to think about before posting anything that may relate to work.

Don’t vent online, even if it's been one of those frustrating, upsetting working weeks, and even if it seems that posting on a personal page out of work hours makes it ok – because in Australia there’s no general right to privacy and under the law employers may be able to take disciplinary action.

Venting about a colleague in a post can be seen as bullying or harassment and be careful with likes, shares or re-tweets because if they have a negative impact on the employer's reputation they may be entitled to act.

Don’t post pics having fun when on sick leave - even a photo while having coffee at a café after a doctor’s appointment is risky - don’t share inappropriate material with colleagues and don’t spend excessive amounts of time on personal accounts while at work.

Every workplace should have a social media policy in place, so ask if one exists and have a look to see what it says.

Play it safe and always think twice before posting.

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