Short-staffing in aged care has never been worse

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March 4, 2021
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Survey shows government must act now.

The largest survey of aged care workers in Tasmania has found that unprecedented levels of short-staffing in Tasmanian aged care facilities are putting residents and staff in danger.

Survey respondents have painted a shocking picture of the dire state of aged care, which already routinely leaves workers without enough time to provide proper care and has only continued to worsen during the pandemic.

In what can only be described as an overwhelming cry for systemic change, the results have revealed that:

• 83% of workers say they usually can’t complete their daily tasks, with the vast majority saying that – due to a lack of staff – they don’t expect to be working in aged care in five years’ time

• 60% of workers say workload has again increased from already near-unmanageable levels since the pandemic

• Almost 30% of workers say they still have issues accessing personal protective equipment at work

Further compounding issues in aged care, the Commonwealth has refused to confirm when aged care workers can expect to be offered vaccinations.

This is particularly concerning given that, 12 months since the pandemic started, one third of workers say their facility is not sufficiently prepared for an outbreak.

As recent months have shown, the Prime Minister has never had a real plan for aged care.

The government managed to sweep the findings of the Banking Royal Commission under the carpet, but the same must not happen to the Aged Care Royal Commission.

The government has a once in a generation opportunity to fix a broken aged care system.

Scott Morrison cannot be allowed to squander this opportunity; he and his government must act immediately on the recommendations of the Royal Commission.

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