Rostering design and alterations

Posted on
November 29, 2021

Rostering hours reminder.

The basic roster is defined on a pattern of 4x4 allowing for a composite (Comp) roster of 320 hours of work each 8 weeks (7 blocks in 56 days). This is a 38-hour week plus 2 hours of ADO.

The Higher Factor (HF) Roster allows for up to 336 hours over the same period, this includes 38 hrs a week plus 2 hours compulsory overtime (paid as the higher factor rate) and 2 hours ADO.

Comp Rosters which exceed 320 hours in 8 weeks should include the payment of overtime or the payment of Higher Factor; you cannot be rostered “over hours” without proper compensation.

HF Rosters which exceed 336 Hours in 8 weeks must attract the payment of overtime.

Don’t forget to keep monitoring this, AT has consistently refused to provide audits or accurate individual summaries to our members about these hours of rostered work. We know people get ripped off. Please note, the biggest opportunity to ‘stuff up rostered hours’ is associated with roster line changes, moving from a ‘short week’ to a ‘long week’ (this used to be called swings and roundabouts, which is not actually a thing!)

There is a currently a proposal before some members in Hobart to introduce a 3x3 roster (ICP), which will provide for (2x12 hr day/arvo shifts and 10hr 17mins night shift) this is 34.285 hours every 6 days (which is a 40-hour week – 38 hours of composite and 2 hours ADO). HACSU will be meeting with these affected members early next week to progress the discussions.

In other news, the DOH appears to be after our long-standing rights about the composite wage for people who do not strictly work the 4x4 rotation of DDNN. Of course, we will keep you updated of any ridiculous changes that they pursue.

For more information about this or any other industrial matter, members should contact HACSUassist on 1300 880 032 or email or complete our online contact form