RHH - no complacency as restrictions ease

Posted on
June 3, 2020
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All the great work protecting the Tassie community has paid off.

There hasn't been a positive case of COVID-19 for over two weeks, and restrictions are being cautiously eased, but we need to stay on top of it.
The key to avoiding a second wave is to make sure workplaces have these things in place:

  • Sanitising stations at all exit and entry points
  • 1.5 metre distancing in public and work areas including workstations, with clear signage about distancing rules
  • PPE available and training completed

HACSU delegates have been meeting regularly via video conferences with Shane, Janine, Tim and Robbie to get RHH issues on the table at the highest levels of the department and government, and many of the practical safety elements put in place have come from those representations.

There are challenges ahead with winter on the way - and we all know what that means - and K Block and refitting in other sections of the RHH are presenting their own sets of problems, but we will get there together, because we are union and we are HACSU!

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