Result of I-MED dispute at Fair Work Commission

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April 22, 2020
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In an urgent conference before the Fair Work Commission today, HACSU outlined your concerns regarding a pro-forma letter you would have received late last week.

As you know, the massive problem with the letter is that it asked you to agree to up to 50% cuts to your hours of work for an indefinite time period, and that if you didn’t sign but turned up to work on Tuesday you will be taken to have agreed.
We know that the letter was completely contrary to what you had agreed with local management.
As a resolution to the dispute, the Fair Work Commission directed: 

  • I-MED to issue to Tasmanian employees a further letter clarifying the terms of proposed Agreement      
  • The letter would confirm that changes to hours would be temporary and there would need to be consultation and agreement if further changes are proposed      
  • The letter would provide clarity regarding leave accruals      
  • The letter would provide the proposed temporary change to hours in the form of a proposed roster      
  • If you don’t agree to the proposed change to hours in the form of a proposed roster then you are to     notify I-MED of that disagreement by the end of Tuesday, 14 April

The last point is absolutely critical: I-MED cannot change your hours without your agreement.

If you don’t agree then you must notify I-MED that you don’t agree by the end of Tuesday, 14 April. We can notify them on your behalf if necessary.

You’re under no obligation to agree. You cannot be forced to agree.

Everyone’s circumstances are different and your opinions on what is proposed can be diverse.

No one should be judged for the decision they make.

You’d be aware of I-MED’s position – which is they need agreement to avoid more adverse decisions. We’re confident we can work with you, and I-MED to achieve a reasonably fair outcome out of a difficult situation.

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