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May 14, 2020
Aged Care Sector

We had our second meeting yesterday.

We talked with management about the log of claims - the things in our surveys that members said are important to them - and there are a few things that Jason and Nick still need to get back to us on, but here’s a general summary of what they’ve agreed to or rejected: 

  • Wage increase: We asked for 4.5%. They said 2.75%      
  • Workload: We asked for a new clause - a guideline for management and staff to measure workload and have it addressed. They found the clause partly acceptable and will use some of the wording.      
  • Handover: We asked for it to be paid as per time worked. Nick reiterated that staff are currently paid for 15 mins of handover but he would look into if it was taking any longer.      
  • Foul and nauseous work allowance: We asked for an increase. They said they would make it the same as what’s in the modern award.      
  • Leave applications: We addressed the time it takes to get a response back from management with an approval or denial. This will be addressed in a policy where the turnaround response time will be made more beneficial to staff.      
  • Parental leave: We asked for the removal of the words “upon application“ in the clause so that it's automatically given, not by application. This was agreed to.      
  • Meal breaks: We asked for the 10 minute break for those working 4 hours. Jason and Nick will get back to us on this with further information, they will also address the early time a lunch break is being taken (10am) at some facilities directly with the managers of those facilities.      
  • Family and domestic violence: We asked for the current 5 days paid leave for those experiencing family or domestic violence be upped to 20 days. Jason and Nick said no to 20 days but agreed to up it to 10 days.      
  • Compassionate leave: We asked for an increase from 3 days to 5. They said no.   
  • Pandemic leave: We asked for a new clause. They said not unless the government were to support it financially in aged care homes.      
  • Consultation: We asked for better wording in the clause so that you would be consulted before a definite decision is made. Nick and Jason will look at this and get back to us.      
  • Uniform items: We asked for additional shirts and trousers. They said yes.      
  • Sick leave: We talked about this appearing on your payslips. They said no as staff can check that when they clock on or off on time target.      
  • Overtime: We discussed clause in its current form. Nick advised that he would look at the wording of this to ensure a clearer process when needing to do overtime.      
  • Professional development: We talked about ENs and RNs receiving payment for any courses hey do outside of work. Jason advised that they would need to pay for their own as Respect pay for the ones they make them attend internally.

We'll keep members updated as things progress and we receive more information from Respect.

For more information about this or any other industrial matter, members should contact HACSUassist on 1300 880 032 or email or complete our online contact form

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