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August 25, 2021
Aged Care Sector

Update on the missing millions.

Today we met with Regis’ top lawyer to talk about the big underpayment issue.
While Regis are still playing their cards close to their chest, we are getting to the bottom of what has caused the underpayments.
It appears the following in particular haven’t been properly taken into account.

  • Overtime
  • Span of hours (and so penalties)
  • Leave loading
  • Paid personal leave without certificate
  • RN/EN in-charge allowances

This list may grow as things progress, but it looks like these are the big-ticket items.

They’ve confirmed that superannuation and interest will be paid on back pay payments, but they said that it would be at least 6 months before we get close to seeing money in accounts.

We will be meeting again shortly to get more answers from Regis, and we’ll keep you in the loop. If you hear anything in the meantime, please let us know.

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Aged Care Sector