QVC foul & nauseous linen allowance

Posted on
October 5, 2022
Aged Care Sector

Fair Work Commission's decision.

We took your issue about the foul and nauseous linen allowance to the Fair Work Commission last week. We argued that the allowance should be payable to ECAs on all time worked, while your employer insisted that the allowance was only payable where employees handled foul and nauseous linen.

The commissioner expressed disappointment that your employer had waited until after bargaining to explain these changes. Though they ultimately held that the allowance is only payable where staff handle foul and nauseous linen they said the claim process should not be so difficult that employees can’t access it.

QVC’s current claim process is too complex and means workers will miss out on the allowance they’re entitled to.

We'll ask QVC to present a streamlined and simple process for claiming the allowance and make sure staff are paid correctly for it.

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Aged Care Sector