QVC foul & nauseous linen allowance

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September 15, 2022
Aged Care Sector

Deliberately made difficult.

Many workers at QVC called us about the removal of the Foul and Nauseous Linen (FNL) allowance, which has been paid regularly and consistently to non-nursing staff who are engaged in handling foul and nauseous linen for many years.

It’s disappointing that your employer is trying to remove your entitlement by creating an onerous claim process when workload has already been an issue for you. QVC intends to only to pay the allowance when you complete a claim form, provide details that you dealt with nauseous linen, have the claim form approved by the facility manager, and then forward the claim form to payroll no later than 10am on the day after the end of the pay period.

We believe this process is designed to create such administrative burden and difficulty that you will simply not claim as it will be too time-consuming.

We've written to management asking that they immediately revoke the change and continue to pay you the FNL allowance as before, and we asked for a response by COB tomorrow 26 August. If QVC refuse to do so, we will lodge a dispute at the Fair Work Commission. Keep an eye out for our next update.

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