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February 22, 2021
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Your sector update.

Here's a snapshot of what's been going on in private health workplaces and how HACSU can help.


Protected industrial action around workload issues

Healthscope nurse members’ protected action ballot got voted up, with all 10 questions about action supported by members - a great first step to get the employer to fix workload issues.

Industrial action will commence with morning shift on Tuesday 23 February with three low-level bans that HACSU nurse members can participate in:

1. Indefinite or periodic industrial action in the form of not complying with restrictions on making comment to the public, clients and/or the media about the HSU, Tasmania Branch claims and reasons for taking industrial action.

2.  Indefinite or periodic industrial action in the form of wearing campaign materials and/or badges.

3.  Indefinite or periodic industrial action in the form of distributing information to clients, public and/or media regarding the HSU, Tasmania Branch claims and reasons for taking industrial action.

At this stage only HACSU nurse members can take part but it’s never too late for non-members to join and get involved with the protected action.

Now is a great chance to let Healthscope know that all staff are serious about better and safer working conditions.


Recruitment bonus for staff  

Hobart Private Hospital sent staff an email offering the chance of a $1000 bonus for recruiting a nursing friend, with the new employee getting $500.

That $1500 would be a great incentive at any other time but given the current situation where nursing staff are asking for a fair pay increase, this is simply an insult.

It also shows numbers are low which means staff are constantly being asked to do, and are doing, extra overtime and double shifts.

HPH should be asking themselves why this incentive is even needed  


Incorrect leave accrual 

The Hobart Clinic discovered an error in their payroll accrual entitlements, so we wrote to them asking for clarity, evidence, and a breakdown of the audit and how calculations were collated for each impacted employee.

We asked for info on who'll perform the independent audit on their behalf and we argue nobody should end up with a negative leave balance even if it's been proven an error did occur.

The law is clear in these situations - if both parties believe at the time that the entitlements are validly accrued, approved, and accessed, there is no ‘overpayment’.  


Are you being paid correctly for overtime? 

You’re entitled to overtime rates whether you’re full time or casual, shift worker or day worker - but we’ve had many calls from members unsure if they’re being paid correctly.

Are you being asked to work overtime? Are you being paid correctly? Are you getting breaks?

If you’re not sure about your entitlements, simply call us and we’ll investigate it with you, and if you’re not a HACSU member we can sign you up over the phone.

Staff voted in favour of the new agreement.  


Is your workplace using the Check in Tas app? 

Contact tracing has been mandatory in hospitality venues since 13 November 2020, and with more people entering our state, the government and public health have ramped up efforts in preparation for more potentialCOVID-19 cases or outbreaks.

Everyone should download the Check in Tas phone app and register their details so each time you see a Check in Tas QR code at a venue or a workplace, you can easily scan the code and check in.

It also lets you check a group into a place, and users can also see their own check in history in the app.

Staff may ask you to show them a successful Check in Tas app screen.

Each QR code is assigned to a physical address so each location/venue of a business will require a separate registration.

This will be a much easier way for workplaces to keep an eye on who is coming and going, so maybe it would be worth checking to see if your workplace is using the app.

The free app is available for individuals to download from the Google Play Store and Apple Store and businesses can register for the Check in Tas app via an online form.  


Tasmanian Nurses and Midwives Honour Roll 

Nominations are open for the Tasmanian Nurses and Midwives Honour Roll that recognises nurses and midwives who’ve made a significant contribution to Tasmania beyond that normally expected in their professional careers.

Nominations are open for those who were born, trained, or have worked a significant period of their professional career in Tasmania and posthumous and retiree nominations are accepted.

Nominations close 26 March 2021 and will only be accepted using the online form.

Email or call the Office of the Chief Nurse and Midwife on 6166 1570 for more information.  


Ballot for TasIVF scientists has commenced 

The bargaining process at TasIVF hasn’t progressed as smoothly as possible when it comes to scientists.  

The employer says CPI is fair, but they’re using nation alone rather than Hobart CPI – and you can guess which is higher.  

The offer doesn’t address any parity issues, with Melbourne based scientists getting an average $10,000-14,000 more per year for doing the same job with more support.  

The owner of TasIVF is the Virtus Group and they just announced record half-year financial results, so they must make a better offer. 


INFORM – HACSU’s official journal 

Click here for the latest edition of INFORM, full of photos, stories and information.  


HACSU supports you 

Thanks for the amazing work you’re doing in this unprecedented, rapidly changing environment. Feel free to contact HACSUassist from 8am-6pm Monday to Thursday and 8am–5pm Fridays about anything in this newsletter or any other issue you have, regardless of how small you feel the issue might be. Be strong, take care and stay safe - we’re proud to represent you.

For more information about this or any other industrial matter, members should contact HACSUassist on 1300 880 032 or email or complete our online contact form

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