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November 2, 2020
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Your sector update.

Here's a snapshot of what's been going on in private health workplaces and how HACSU can help.  

Calvary Nurses Agreement  

We’re finally getting to the pointy end of a long process, with Calvary resolved to combine the north and south nursing agreements into one with mostly minor changes, but there’ll be some differences in terms and conditions until July 2021, which is rapidly approaching. HACSU’s trying to resolve the inconsistencies for all nurses, and we’ll issue updates along the way – so keep an eye out for organisers as they’d like members' views about where negotiations are at.  

The offer is:  

LV& SJ increases: 1.25% from the first full pay period on or after 1/7/19,1.25% as of 1/1/20, 2.5% 1/7/20, and 3% as of 1/7/21

SL& SV increases: 2.5% from the first full pay period on or after 1/1/20,2.5% as of 1/1/21, and 3% as of 1/7/21

Calvary confirms the concern about rostering practice was found to not be occurring at Calvary but, in accordance with our response, they recognise the importance of appropriate and proportionate workload measures so have made the following proposal:  

•  Workload: Clause amended so the DCS can be involved within 7 days of raising issues with the NUM

•  RDOs: Clause amended to ensure 2 consecutive days off happens at least once a fortnight

•  Casual engagement: Minimum work period of 3hours per engagement

•  OT applies to casuals: This will be in line with the daily/weekly thresholds to permanent staff

•  Pandemic leave: 3 days paid time but‘ pre-approval’ necessary 

We have until the end of October to get member feedback on the proposed agreement, so please let us know what you think, and if you want more info contact or phone 1300 880 032.


TasIVF adding injury to insult 

We met with Jade Phelan and consultant Zev Costi on 15 October to start negotiations and, as we’re all aware of the global situation, it was no surprise to hear TasIVF using it as a reason to only offer staff 1.5% per year over 4 years. To add injury to that insult, they refuse to give any backpay, so the earliest members would get that 1.5% increase is February 2021 instead of from July this year!

Virtus rejected just about everything in members' log of claims:

•  No reduction in current conditions - Agreed

•  3-year agreement - NO, offered 4 years

•  3.5% each year (back pay first year) - 1.5%with no back pay

•  Higher duties allowance - YES? To be discussed

•  Higher duties/In charge allowance/Scientific Director cover - NO

•  Travel allowance - NO

•  Compassionate leave up from 3 days to 5 days- NO

•  Long service leave accrual based on how you work – NO, but will have a further discussion on pro rata after 7 years

•  On call, holiday closures and emergency call-ins - NO

•  All hours worked at new pay point to be paid- YES

•  Annual leave to be utilised for practice shutdowns - Advised further discussion needed

•  Annual leave to increase to 5 weeks - NO

•  Union representation paid 5 days leave for training per calendar year - NO

•  Personal leave (default HACSU PL clause to be included) - NO

•  Pandemic leave (default HACSU PL clause to be included) - NO

Thankyou to Matt and Kerry for being the bargaining reps and for keeping Virtus accountable for their highly disappointing approach to the log of claims. We’ll meet with members before the next bargaining meeting to discuss our response and where to from here.


Hobart Day Surgery 

After a short period, the Hobart Day Surgery agreement has been voted up by 29 votes. 

The whole process of bargaining only lasted 6 months and during a pandemic that’s quite impressive.

The COVID-19 environment has been used a lot lately as a reason for not offering a fair and reasonable pay increase, but the outcome is HDS staff will now receive a 3% pay increase with backpay and then 3.5% for the following 2 years.  

Healthscope agreement 

We were contacted by Healthscope in July to tell us that they intended to pause negotiations until September 2020 due to the pandemic. COVID-19 is being used as an excuse by many employers, and we get that it has changed the way we do things, but everyone’s heard of Zoom and Microsoft Teams, as many of us have been holding meetings this way. 

But when it comes to a pay increase, or negotiations, the pandemic rears its head again as a reason why an employer can’t offer a fair and reasonable pay increase.


Voting on I-MED agreement 

We wrote to Anna Warne, Chief Human Resources Officer, on 30 September to make minor changes regarding the domestic violence leave, noting that they’d made changes to the document without tracking those changes. Anna’s response was very limited and couldn’t even get our name right – last time we checked we weren’t the Victorian Allied Health Professionals Association! 

“Thank you for your email. We have considered VAHPA’s further comments and made some changes. I-MED will shortly be putting the attached version of the agreement to a vote.” 

I-MED have pretty much said no to all the things asked for in the log of claims -members' wish list - and said they don’t believe we need any more bargaining meetings to discuss it further. We understand they’ve now advised staff that voting will occur soon, so it’s that important that members remember that I-MED has an obligation to explain the specific changes they’ve made to the agreement.


INFORM– HACSU’s official journal 

Click here for the latest edition of INFORM, full of photos, stories and information.


HACSU supports you 

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