Plans unmasked at St Michaels

Posted on
July 18, 2022
Social Community and Disability Sector

A small step up.

As you are aware, the rules around compulsory mask wearing in the workplace have now changed. Before these changes, St Michaels was the only place we had heard of where employees were required to supply their own masks, and that was why HACSU raised the issue with the Premier.

Due to the rule changes, Mike Thomas has now said: "STMA has recently revised its COVID requirements and mask wearing is no longer mandatory, except where a staff member is a close contact, and is still able to come to work."

Mike has also said that although mask wearing is no longer mandatory, employees are still strongly encouraged to wear masks indoors and in vehicles. It appears that St Michaels have changed their tune slightly on staff having to bring their own masks, with Mike saying that St Michaels will be providing all staff with three washable and reuseable cloth masks.

Whilst cloth masks have been proven by public health to not meet the COVID requirements, and three masks per person is not what I would call generous, that is a small step up from having workers be out of pocket and supply their own.

If you need to talk about the mask situation more, please don’t hesitate to call HACSUassist.

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Social Community and Disability Sector