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November 23, 2020
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OneCare nurses agreement.

After our first bargaining meeting where we told OneCare what members wanted in the new agreement we’ve started negotiations in earnest.

In summary, they’ve agreed in-part to some claims and said no to others.

In terms of big-ticket items that OneCare refused to touch are shift loadings, pandemic leave, improved consultation and parental leave.

They’ve come part of the way on an increase to in-charge and preceptor allowances and compassionate/family leave and introduced a new study leave entitlement of 3 days.

They want to introduce a new category of leave called ‘exceptional leave’, though what this will exactly include is a bit unclear, but the idea is 2 paid days in the event of issues like miscarriage, still birth, family violence or an illness not captured by personal leave.

As for the all-important wage offer - they don’t want a 3-year agreement like we asked for - they want a 2-year agreement with 2.25% on 1 January 2021 and 2% on January 2022.

We’ve already told them the wage offer is going to need to improve to remain competitive, and expressed our disappointment about shift penalties, but we want to hear members' thoughts on their initial offer before we head back to the negotiation table next month.

For more information about this or any other industrial matter, members should contact HACSUassist on 1300 880 032 or email or complete our online contact form

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