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May 5, 2022
Aged Care Sector

Where's it at?

You’d be forgiven for thinking things have gone a little quiet when it comes to negotiations for OneCare general staff bargaining. That’s because while there haven’t been any big developments lately in terms of your claims or their position, there has been quite a lot going on in the background.

We were getting close to a stage where OneCare had finalised a draft proposed agreement for us to work through what exactly they were proposing, but then something funny happened. In reviewing the draft, it became clear that there were changes in there that we hadn’t discussed at all. In fact, there had been some big changes that we weren’t particularly happy to discover, such as cuts to sick leave days and changes to the evidence required for taking these days.

After we asked OneCare to explain, they said they had been working on the wrong version of your agreement (not the one you are currently under but some other mystery version), so there were some incorrect/old clauses that shouldn’t have been there.

That left us scratching our heads about how it all lines up, so we sought a full review of the document to ensure there weren’t any more surprises. We’ll be meeting tomorrow to ensure everything is in order and will keep you updated as we get things back on track.

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