OneCare agreement approved

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October 31, 2022
Aged Care Sector

The new improved conditions in the OneCare agreement

The new OneCare General Staff Enterprise Agreement has been approved by the Fair Work Commission and will come into operation from tomorrow (1 November 2022).

These are the improved conditions of the new agreement:

• 3% wage increase for home care and admin staff and 4% for general staff

• Two extra days of “exceptional leave” for things like domestic violence, miscarriage, or unexpected emergencies

• 4 hours a year of paid time for non-compulsory meetings

• A new workload escalation clause

• A new workplace consultation committee

• An updated dispute resolution clause, now the same as the nurses, for when things go wrong

• Changes to how the Foul & Nauseous Linen Allowance works and is paid

It pays to be a union member. If you're not a member we encourage you to join the union for all aged care workers.

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