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August 16, 2021
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NWSS respond to your questions.

After workers at North West Support Services contacted us to raise a variety of workplace issues, we wrote to Neal to follow them up, and below are the issues raised and his responses:

- Rosters have been so confusing lately that often people are double-booked into two different houses or travel time in between clients has not been taken into account. This has made it difficult for staff to get to their clients on time, or it looks as though they are just not turning up to shifts.

"There might be some instances from time to time when staff are double booked or travel time has not been considered. They are rare. We acknowledge that it would be best to be avoided but occasional mistakes will be made from time to time through human error or communication issues."

- Workers said that due to these rostering issues they have been asked to sign a form at each house that in essence states they will not be late or will always turn up for a shift.

"There is no such form to sign about lateness or turning up for work. 

- Whilst some staff like additional hours added to their contracted hours, there are quite a few who do not. So, when some staff are given extra hours above their     contracted hours, they try to tell rostering team that they don’t want them, but are then told that if they continue to ask to drop shifts, they will have their contracted hours reviewed and may be reduced. Since these hours are above their contracted hours, staff feel they shouldn’t be penalised for not wanting them.

"Staff know that they can simply tell us when they want to be considered for relief or not at all, if they wish, and we will work accordingly. We have historically had good communication with our staff and the system to my knowledge has worked well for many years."

- Workers say it is impossible to understand their payslip because they can’t work out where the afternoon shift ends, and the sleepover allowance is paid because it all comes under sleepover.

"Payslips have rarely been queried in our thirty year history. They are in a standard format for this industry. A 3.00pm to 10.30m shift is known as the "afternoon shift".  These hours appear on payslips under shift hours as they should. This is in keeping with the afternoon shift definition of the MEA. I0.30pm to 6.30am is a sleepover and appears as a monetary value on the payslip. This sleepover shift is within the span provided for by the MEA. It appears as a separate monetary value because it is an allowance. Any waking hours appear in overtime under the penalty rate that applies."

Hopefully these have answered your questions, but if you continue to run into issues with the rostering system, you can give Neal examples so that he can see the errors for himself.

If you find your payslip hard to understand, please contact HACSUassist and we're happy to follow it up with the pay office.

Also, if you have a copy of the form that they asked you to sign, then feel free to show that to Neal as well.

For more information about this or any other industrial matter, members should contact HACSUassist on 1300 880 032 or email or complete our online contact form

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