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November 19, 2020
Social Community and Disability Sector

Smile, you’re not on camera!

We wrote to Nigel about the cameras mounted on the walls inside the homes at Emily Crescent after workers said they’ve been feeling anxious about them.

There were no signs to say the cameras were operating and no material provided to staff to let them know about the their function, so we asked if they were indeed in use and, if so, whether they were being used to constantly monitor staff or simply to log footage in case an incident called for a review.

Here’s Nigel’s reply:

"I can advise that the cameras at Emily Crescent are not in use. Whilst they were installed as part of the build, we are not using them as such and understand that we would need consent from both staff and clients prior to using them. Should there be a requirement to activate them we would work through a process with all staff and clients. It is not currently our plan to do so. The only cameras we have in place are at Beattie Street, and the cameras there are positioned to capture any “outsiders” coming onto the site, as this has been a security issue in the past. 

Not that anyone is doing anything they shouldn’t anyway, but hopefully this gives workers at Emily Crescent some peace of mind that they’re not being watched 24/7 and that Multicap has committed to consult if they do decide to do that in the future.

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Social Community and Disability Sector