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November 29, 2021
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How to host a dog’s breakfast, not a change proposal.

In November 2020 Mental Health released a change proposal to establish a Workforce Planning & Development Team and, like a dog’s breakfast, it was thrown together and poorly planned.

HACSU and our ANMF colleagues got together with the dedicated and highly professional CNEs and AHPs to work through the document, picking it apart and pointing out the problems with management’s processes.

Then we also offered alternative structures that would provide the clinical governance required, and management has finally relented and agreed to pull the change proposal.

There’s still work to do in this area, but it again proves the need for proper consultative processes to achieve good outcomes for the service and the workers who provide their expertise.

A change proposal should seek an improvement of service, better utilisation of resources and improved opportunities for workers, and this can only happen by engaging those workers in the process, listening to them, and using their wisdom to implement change that works for everyone.

It’s a real shame we’ve wasted an entire year while this process played out, but maybe next time management will stop and listen before they turn a change proposal into something inedible.

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