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May 14, 2020
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Management says ask the ENs & CM to roll their sleeves up and help.

We’ve contacted Menarock to raise these serious issues about the lack of roster replacement on April 22: 

  1. The 7-11 shift had been replaced the night before, but when the roster person arrived at the workplace she told employees the shift shouldn't have been replaced and employees just had to cope with shifts not being replaced. She also said the directive had come from the mainland.    
  1. On the same day, a 7-3 employee had to go home at 8.30 am and wasn't replaced. The employee who was called in to do the 7-11 shift wasn't asked if they could stay on, leaving care employees in a potentially dangerous work environment because of the excessive workload for the day.

We reminded them about the significant reduction of hours to the AM shifts recently and told them we strongly believe this is an unacceptable practice that exposes employees and residents to a high risk of potential injury – and is also a workplace health and safety issue because it creates unreasonable workloads. We asked for their assurance that in the future they’ll replace all absences from the roster to ensure staff are safe at work.

This is what Menarock wrote back to us:

“The employee rostered on for 0700 – 1500, who you reported as going home sick at 0830 was not replaced due to not being able to find a replacement. The 0700 – 1100 shift was asked if they were able to extend their shift to 1500 but could not do so for personal reasons. Agency, unfortunately, could not supply.

However, The Gardens practice is in situations that occurred on the 22nd April that the two EENs and the Clinical Manager will assist with the activities of daily living and morning duties of the shift. Interviewing the ‘roster person’ who manages the roster, she made attempts to replace the 0700 – 1500 shift and confirmed that she could not find a replacement or extend the 0700 –1100 shift.

Concerning the statement regarding directions from the ‘mainland,’ I, as the General Manager of Residential Services (covering The Gardens), can assure you that at no time was the direction made re: not shifts being not being replaced.

Menarock is flexible in the management of their rosters, which is based on Clinical and Employee risk as well as resident acuity. The roster management on 22nd April 2020 is a point of time situation that was managed the best it could be at the time given the lack of internal and external resources.”

Our advice to members: If this happens again and you are short on the floor, you need to work safely and work to rule – meaning you must take all your breaks, don't start early or stay late (because you won’t be covered by workers comp if you hurt yourself), and most importantly call on the two ENs and the Clinical Manager to help you. If you have any concerns please call us on 1300 880 032.

For more information about this or any other industrial matter, members should contact HACSUassist on 1300 880 032 or email or complete our online contact form

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