Menarock roster dispute

Posted on
April 7, 2020
Aged Care Sector

The ongoing Menarock dispute went before the Fair Work Commission on Friday.

HACSU continued to push for improvements for those workers who had their shifts decimated by the proposed roster and, although Menarock are making incremental improvements, they’re a still way off and are having a third go at the roster.

As part-time employees you're under no obligation to agree to any changes to your hours of work including days you work and start and finish times each day, and you shouldn't be pressured to sign anything you don’t agree with.

Keep in mind that Menarock Life made a $6 million profit last year – so if they propose that you lose shifts or hours this is not the fault of your workmates – it’s your employer's relentless desire for profit at all costs.

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Aged Care Sector