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September 9, 2020
Aged Care Sector

MCT will review HACSU’s wage underpayments claim.

As we said in our last update, HACSU is working to make sure members are paid their correct wage increases for 2017 (3.3%) and 2018 (3.5%).

As well as wages there are also allowances that may not have been correctly paid, and there are concerns about non-payment of progression levels for community care workers, concerns about payment for training and, finally, concerns that community carers haven't been paid a 15% loading after 7pm.

MCT have agreed to have payroll review HACSU’s claims and if it turns out they've been paying incorrectly, it appears they're willing to back-pay appropriately.

Once this process has been completed it will give HACSU and MCT a clean slate ahead of bargaining for the new agreement, and it also appears MCT have reconsidered their decision to unilaterally withdraw from bargaining - of course, it was unlawful to do that so we're glad cooler heads have prevailed.

We had achieved some sensible good improvements, including uniform best practice redundancy and parental leave provisions – so we expect that these will remain in the draft when we finalise bargaining.

We are on a better track, but we need to be wary. It’s still very important and urgent that members have a say on their working conditions and future wages and we won’t rest until that happens.

Keeping employers to account on members' behalf doesn’t happen by chance – we need active, vocal, committed members to keep raising issues to make sure staff get everything they've negotiated and worked so hard to achieve.

For more information about this or any other industrial matter, members should contact HACSUassist on 1300 880 032 or email or complete our online contact form

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