Majority of the Government's attack on workers fails

Posted on
March 19, 2021
Union Movement

The Morrison Government continued its tradition of mediocrity when they failed spectacularly to pass their dangerous IR Omnibus Bill yesterday.

Of the five elements of the Bill, only one was passed.

Make no mistake, you achieved this.

It was your social media posts, your emails to Senators and your calls to Members of Parliament that let them know where working people stood, and eventually got us this result.

If the Bill had passed, we would have seen devastating changes to the whole bargaining system and rollbacks on some of your most basic rights.

The part of the Bill that did pass relates to the most vulnerable workers in Australia. The Government has ensured that casual work remains insecure and uncertain, with no viable path to ongoing work and no ability for workers to enforce their rights.

The Government also removed parts of the Bill which would have increased penalties for employers committing wage theft and made it easier for workers to claim back stolen wages. Bosses are still getting away with underpaying workers. We will continue to campaign for this until that changes.

Thank you for all that you did to get the worst aspects of this Bill knocked over. Big business might have fancy lobbyists and money, but they will never match the persistence and collective strength of the union.

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