Last pay rise from this EBA

Posted on
December 14, 2021

Negotiating a new one begins soon

The last 2.35% pay rise from the current EBA gets applied from today, 13 December 2021, which is the first full period on or after 1 December 2021.

Our EBA team is being finalised, we’ve surveyed members about rostering and conditions, and we’re close to beginning bargaining for your next agreement.

We’ll circulate the draft log of claims based on our executive and member feedback next week and will hold meetings state-wide to discuss the potential for change in your terms and conditions.

You’ll have seen Chief Executive Mr Acker’s recent reply to our letter about how to pay shift workers and day workers under our award where he suggests we’re obstructing change at Ambulance Tasmania.

The fact is there’s a clear and specific process to manage change which is being ignored by Ambulance Tasmania more and more, and it’s called consultation.

Changes to things like classifications must go through a formal process of award variation or a new agreement, and without that process there can’t be change, so accusing us of holding up the process before they even begin it is ludicrous.

So why is he trying to picture us in a bad light leading into bargaining? It’s about power, and union members have it when we’re united – we’re clearly not against change because we’ve been calling for it.

We’ll be writing to your employer to initiate bargaining next week.

For more information about this or any other industrial matter, members should contact HACSUassist on 1300 880 032 or email or complete our online contact form