JobKeeper pay seems light on?

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June 2, 2020
Social Community and Disability Sector

Check the amount!

It’s important to check payslips to ensure employers are passing on the full JobKeeper amount.
HACSU recently got a call from a member who'd queried their JobKeeper payments with their employer, who told them they could average their payments over a 4-week period. The employer said they had been paid over $3000 and the employee was not entitled to a top up in any fortnight that was below $1500 - but this is wrong - the employer must staff at least $1500 per fortnight, no exceptions.
After extensive correspondence the employer finally conceded they were incorrect and made a payment of over $500 to correct this
If you're receiving JobKeeper payments, your employer:

  • Must pay you at least $1500 per fortnight, no exceptions
  • Must pay your full wages if you earn more than $1500 in a fortnight
  • Can’t reduce your hourly wage
  • Can’t pick and choose which eligible employees receive JobKeeper
  • Must keep paying superannuation on your ordinary earnings
  • Must keep paying your penalty rates
  • Can’t deduct an ‘administration fee’ or ask you to pay back any portion of your JobKeeper payment or regular wages
  • Must ensure full-time and part-time employees keep accruing annual leave, even if they've been stood down
  • Can’t mistreat you for standing up for your rights at work

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