It's a YES for the May Shaw agreement

Posted on
August 24, 2023
Aged Care Sector

The vote on the May Shaw agreement closed on Saturday 19 August, and 87% of voters said Yes to the agreement!

Out of the 134 eligible voters, 100 workers (or 74.6%) cast their vote.

Your new agreement will now be sent off to the Fair Work Commission for approval. Once it’s approved, everyone will be covered by the same workplace agreement regardless of which location you work at.

The more union members there are at your workplace, the stronger we are together. If you know a colleague who has not yet joined HACSU, let them know that becoming a member is now as simple as a few clicks:  

If you’ve got any questions about your agreement, please get in touch through HACSUassist!

For more information about this or any other industrial matter, members should contact HACSUassist on 1300 880 032 or email or complete our online contact form

Aged Care Sector