It's a COVID Christmas again

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January 3, 2023
Public Sector

It's not a great picture at the moment

On the night before the night before Christmas, we met with the Department of Health to talk about the escalating COVID numbers.

It’s not a great picture at the moment.

There are over 200 cases amongst workers in THS with over 100 in the southern region alone. There are also 17 outbreaks in residential aged care facilities.

The Department are monitoring escalation plans, but the fact is that there are likely to be significant pressures over the Christmas week.

You may be asked to do additional duties or a job that’s not yours. Always remember that anything outside your duties is voluntary and if the work attracts a greater rate of pay, you should receive that too.

Also remember that the COVID leave is still in place and our advice is still that if you catch COVID at work, you should lodge a workers compensation claim.

Thank you for the amazing work you do and please keep safe out there.

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