I-MED Radiology: These are your rights!

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April 7, 2020
Health Services Industry

We know all the talk of reduced hours and different workplace scenarios that are being thrown at you can be simply overwhelming.

Many have attended meetings and felt that bosses are being ridiculously heavy handed with requests to answer questions and sign documents regarding changes of hours, often via high pressure one-on-one scenarios with very tight deadlines… and this has to stop!

You have rights and you should never feel pressured or bamboozled into signing something or making a change without adequate consultation or enough time to consider your options.

If you find yourself in one of these situations my advice is to ask for whatever they’re offering in writing so you can take it away and consider it properly.

Do not sign anything or agree to any changes until you’ve received a proposal in writing and reviewed it carefully - times are scary enough without feeling pressured into something.

Get it in writing and call us if you need to, those are your rights!

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