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February 9, 2021
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Big changes flagged for the north.

In late January, Facilities, Engineering and Maintenance staff in the south joined those in Fleet Management, Transport and Accommodation to meet with the Deputy Secretary of Infrastructure Shane Gregory to discuss a change proposal around who manages these areas and where they sit in government.

A lot of this talk revolved around management lines and who is THS and who is the Department of Health, but for those in the north and north-west it flagged some big changes in the future.

The change proposal touched on all Facilities and Engineering being based out of hospitals, with maintenance for Primary Health District Hospital sites may be moving back into a major hospital hub.

This is a massive change for the north/north-west, if not for the south who already operate a similar system, so we wrote to Shane and said the department needed to hold their horses.

After making it clear we were unhappy with such a big change possibly being snuck in we now have a commitment that this change is not on the cards… for now.

But Shane flagged that they do ultimately want all facilities to come under North and North-West Facilities and Engineering - meaning all building and maintenance work being based out of the major hospitals.

This would have huge implications, and we need to make sure we’re on top of it, so if this rings any bells, and if you’ve heard anything about this at your site in the north or north-west, please let us know.

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