Healthscope's proposed agreement

Posted on
February 17, 2022

HACSU does not support it!

Healthscope have told you they’re putting the proposed agreement out for your vote and that ANMF has endorsed it as ‘fair and reasonable’.

It’s not ‘fair’ or anything close to being ‘reasonable’ and it hasn’t addressed the real issues and concerns around safe staffing levels.

A one-off $1250 payment doesn’t fix anything, and part time employees and casuals get a pro-rata of that amount, so do you even know how much you’ll get?

This money would be better spent employing more nurses, but we all know they’ve had problems with the solution, employing AINs already - well, where are they?

It’s farcical that Healthscope says they’re ‘committed’ to establishing a pool of AINs and ‘committed’ to post rosters 28 days in advance - that word is used very loosely here - actions will be the only proof.

HACSU encourages you to vote NO, but there’s no point doing that unless you’re committed to taking more action to achieve a better outcome.

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