Healthscope workload concerns

Posted on
April 29, 2021

Why won’t they fix it? Is it just about purse strings?

We wrote to Healthscope last week to raise a formal grievance about the unacceptable workloads, especially on nights shifts, that became clear to us during the bargaining process.

They say nurses haven’t taken individual complaints about workloads or safety events to their NUMs, which is untrue, and because of that falsehood they won’t follow the grievance resolution process about workloads.

Why won’t they fix it? Is it just about purse strings?

At every chance Healthscope runs the story that your workload concerns aren’t real, there’s no proof, no data and union comments only represent disgruntled employees – but what’s our motivation to fight for your improved safety?

What’s their motivation to deny your claims? Is it just about purse strings?

Healthscope say we should trust them because the solution lies in the new Workload Consultative Committee clause in the EBA, as they carefully explained with a 4-page missive, but we don’t believe the solution only exists in that single clause. They can commit now to improved staffing ratios.

We asked them to include improved nursing hours coverage especially for nights, to have educators on the floor but not at the expense of other nurse contact hours, to have in-charge nurses in addition to existing minimums and to lock in ACORN Standards for theatre and recovery.

HACSU is fighting for you and for your professional standards - so get active in the campaign as it’s the only way to win.

BREAKING NEWS – Calvary Nurses Agreement goes to a vote starting tomorrow, with workload improvement clauses and 8% over 3 years with full back pay.

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