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August 9, 2021

“It's all the NUM’s fault”.

We read the EBA update put out by Healthscope's state manager Ian Griswold late yesterday and are seriously disappointed that Ian thinks the decision-making about staffing lays solely on the NUM’s shoulders.

To add injury to insult, they still don't accept nurse-patient ratios or acuity tools and won't be putting them in the new agreement. This is a slap in the face to all nurses who've worked above and beyond for the care of their patients.

Ironically, Healthscope staff night shifts on a ratio of 1 to 10, whilst claiming they don't believe in ratios… but the truth is they don’t believe in committing to and publishing ratios.

Obviously, Ian Griswold hasn’t worked on the floor of a hospital in any capacity at all and hasn’t realised his statements are immature at best.

This confirms that they just don’t care.

We met with Ian Griswold and Mark Nelson yesterday morning and true to form we had to reiterate the issues about workloads and patient safety, nothing new there. We offered them a solution to your primary concerns – engagement of AINs, dedicated in-charge nurses on Med/Surg and 1 additional nurse at night on critical wards.

We thought they were being genuine when they asked for solutions, and would give us a constructive answer, but we were wrong – they just go and blame the NUMs.

You should be mad as hell that after all this time they're still not listening and are offering nothing so far as a resolution to your primary concerns. This corporate messaging is about breaking your spirit. Don’t fall for it – stay strong and united and it’s the only way to get change.

So, while we wait for them to get back to us, we will be ramping up your campaign! Keep an eye out for updates.

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