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May 20, 2020
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Our last update told how Hobart Day Surgery rejected the log of claims.

Well, it was more of the same at last Thursday’s bargaining meeting – although it seems they’d already met with ANMF before our meeting, which is disappointing and feels quite sneaky.

They were unclear about what the wage offer will be, but they‘re starting way behind the competitors as shown in the hourly rates comparison with Hobart Private.

Classification             HDS        Hobart Private
RN Level 1 1st year    $31.86    $33.27
RN Level 2 1st year   $43.98    $46.15
EN 1st year                $28.11     $30.37
EN 4th year               $30.50    $32.30

Another disappointment is their offer of 8 days paid leave with documentary evidence for domestic violence leave because it means the burden would be on someone in that situation to prove it, plus we think 8 days isn’t good enough and we asked for 20 days paid leave.

We’ll be meeting again this Thursday and hope to get more clarity around the wage offer and will be in touch with members again once we have more info.

Please keep in touch by contacting HACSUassist 1300 880 032

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