Family Based Care: all direct carers receive pay rise

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June 15, 2023
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Here's what you can expect:

You might know that HACSU has been fighting for a long time to see an increase to pay rates for those working in aged care. We have argued on a national level for all aged care workers to be given a 25% pay rise and so far Fair Work have given 15% to many direct aged care workers.

It’s a good start, but our fight is far from over. Now, we’re campaigning to get even more funding for all aged care workers, not just direct carers.

There’s been some confusion about the increase only being given to certain direct care workers in aged care, and it has left some community-based services like FBC (who do more than just aged care) to make some decisions about what happens to those that work for them and look after clients who aren’t part of aged care.

Doug has advised HACSU that:

“Since the beginning of the year and the confirmation that the decision would be handed down, we have been working on the 15% pay rise for aged care workers and how to fit it into our current Enterprise Agreement.  As you are aware the determination as written has a very narrow scope applying only to those staff providing aged care services. However, we are determined to ensure that all staff providing direct care receive the benefit of the uplift.

Therefore, pay rates for all staff providing Direct Care have been increased in accordance with Fair work Determination. This is regardless of the type of work undertaken (i.e. NDIS, HACC, Aged Care). The new rates do not simply raise the current amounts by 15% and the overall increase is more like 10%. This is due to the fact that we already paid above award wages and the overall effect is that we are still above or at award wages for direct care staff.

What complicates the situation for Family Based Care is that we have a mixture of services and we do not want to have a mixture of pay rates. Aged Care services represent only 55% of our total revenue but we have determined that 100% of our direct care staff will receive the new pay rates that reflect the Fair Work determination and the funding being passed through by government for aged care services only.”

Doug also advised that as per the current Family Based Care Enterprise Agreement the 1% pay rise to be given in 2024 will also be passed on in addition to this uplift in payrates.

This is a great outcome and as HACSU continues to fight for a pay rise for ALL we welcome and support FBC’s commitment to their direct care workers.

If you have any questions regarding your pay rate or your Enterprise Agreement, please feel free to give HACSU assist a call on 1300 880 032 and have a chat.

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