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September 27, 2022
Aged Care Sector

Extra hours in the laundry a welcome addition.

We recently wrote to your facility manager to ask if staffing levels in the laundry could be looked at, particularly on a weekend.

We advised Ian that Sundays were problematic as no one was rostered to attend to specific laundry duties, and that a cleaner ducking in and out of the laundry to do a little bit while trying to deal with their own workload just wasn’t cutting it.

We also told him workers had said they’d raised laundry workload with management in the past and been told to just leave whatever they don’t get done and do it the next day, meaning nothing is ever completed as there’s constant leftovers from the day before.

Ian wrote back to say Emmerton Park have ‘recently increased hours on weekends (as requested by our laundry team) due to workload concerns’, and that he would follow up with the team again to ensure it was working.

We’re sure the added weekend laundry hours will be a welcome addition, but if Ian asks how it’s working, please give him feedback, whether good or bad, so more resources can go that way if necessary.

If you don’t ask the question you may never know the answer, so thank you to those members who spoke up about the laundry workload - it’s a win/win for all working in that area now and in the future.

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