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April 4, 2022
Aged Care Sector

Extra shift in the laundry on the weekend will be a welcome relief.

We wrote to Nick Adams from HR recently and told him that laundry staff at Eliza Purton are struggling to keep up with the workload on the weekend. Whilst this issue had been raised in the past, it’s now at a critical point where staff say they are on the verge of breaking down or leaving the facility altogether.

We told Nick it’s an unrealistic expectation that one staff member on the weekend will be able to do the same amount of work that three staff members do during the week, and it seems they’ve listened and are going to introduce an extra shift on the weekend.

Here is the response from the HR Advisor, Allison Fry:

"We have completed an internal review of the current roster structure in the Laundry at Eliza Purton. Our plan moving forward is to implement an additional morning shift on the weekend to assist with the workload issues currently being experienced by staff. The additional shift will be trialled for2 months initially and then reviewed after this time. We appreciate you raising the matter on behalf of your members."

Whilst the additional shift on the weekend is only on a trial basis at this time, it is a great opportunity to prove why that extra shift is needed. Well done to those members who kept raising the issue so we could continue to push for the weekend workload to be looked at. Hopefully the workload will all come out in the wash after the two-month trial and the shift will become a more permanent fixture.

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