Department flush your workplace health and safety

Posted on
November 10, 2023

You might’ve seen the latest update from the Department about their plans for toilets while the RHH has some scheduled construction work done tonight.

A lot of you have been in touch to tell us that you’re unhappy, and that their plan is impractical and potentially unsafe.

What they’re proposing means that you’ll be forced to flush toilets for patients with buckets of water in the ramping ward (TOCD) at the RHH ED – and we think you’ve got every right to be upset.

Sometimes disruptions are inevitable when construction is happening in a working hospital, but the Department’s ‘solution’ is sloppy at best.

In fact, last time there was no water in the ramping ward you took action under the workplace safety act and refused to accept it – and a lot of you have already told us you’ll happily do it again.

We’ve raised this issue directly with AT this morning and we know they’ve also told the hospital it’s not good enough.

We’re hopeful a better and more well thought plan is to you well before the planned outage tonight, but if it’s not, we’ll be forced to take action and come up with our own solution.

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